Last one - 2018

We are a small but enthusiastic group of musicians who recognise that music is a heritage that we can all enjoy but which has to be protected. Too many of our teraditional music venues have gone to the wall over the last decade; theatres, concert halls and even yearly festivals have been forced to close because of financial pressures and also by a perhaps understandable reluctance amongst organisers to keep alive what seems by many people to be an an achronystic throwback. So many people get their music from electronic devices they can carry around with them and which can hold many hundreds of recordings - but sadly most of these recordings are of low quality compared with music of the past. We believe that the whole enjoyment in music is under threat because of a dumbing down process caused by apathy on the part of many of the public, as well as a profits-oriented music industry which sees little value in musical experimentation.

At a time when so many musical innovators are failing to even make a living from their art we feel we should do our bit by keeping alive the memories of music, and musical venues which, whilst once popular, are now no more. Our creation of this website is meant to, albeit in a small way, help in this aim.