Last one - 2018

This was the largest small community based Music Festival in Scotland

Fantastic family friendly atmosphere in a beautiful setting

There was a new format for 2018

With Music in the Marquee Friday & Saturday Night

Market Stage Saturday & Sunday from 11am - 4pm

Sunday Night Local Hotels

Admission for 2018 was £8 per person per day, Including programme: 16 and under free.

Covid, music festivals and fast food

The Covid epidemic began in late 2019 and during much 2020 much of the UK was in almost total lockdown. Live musical peformances were banned and festivals suffered badly; it can cost a great deal of money to put one on and many organisers found it difficult or impossible to get very much of it back. Countless musicians gave up their art completely, and not a few venues never opened their doors again.

Food deliveries

It is an ill wind that blows no-one any good however. Beneficiary were the fast food delivery companies; with restaurants, burger bars, takeaways, all forbidden to allow customers to enter their premises fast food deliveries boomed with delivery companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo recruiting thousands of food couriers, with policies from fast food insurance providers like this company, to deliver burgers, fries, pizzas and curries to people trapped in their own homes and forced to rely on home cooking.

We would usually expect this to die down after the epidemic was over but the number of delivery drivers taking pre-cooked, hot food to customers in their own homes has actually increased; it seems that rather than prepare their own nourishing meals the British public prefer to have junk food delivered to their door at several times the cost of cooking it themselves. After all, what could be easier than picking up your phone to order a pizza or curry, then waiting half an hour or more for an underpaid courier to collect it from a takeaway, then deliver it (by then no longer freshly cooked, and possibly cold) to you door?

Delivery Drivers

In the meanwhile the number of delivery drivers delivering parcels has increased as well, fueling a boom in delivery driver (courier)insurance in the UK.

To a large degree this has been fueled by Amazon, a company with drivers on the road delivering just about any type of goods you can imagine. Anyone who has driven into a busy town centre, hunted for a car parking space, walked for ages arounfd shops just to be told "we're out of stock"; "no-one ever asks for that"; or "if you order it you can collect it in two or three weeks" will appreciate the idea of a delivery driver pulling up and bringing the goods straight to your door, the day after you have ordered them. Truly we leve in a home delivery world!