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Balvaig is a local group of Musicians singer songwriters formed in 2011, that come together at Strathyre Inn on the first Sunday of each month for a free music event in the style of a bothy session where anyone can come along and join in for a few songs. Music started off as Traditional Folk but has over the years diversified into a mix of Folk and Blues. The sessions attract passing tourists who also occassionally give us a song. After a while the band decided to try to host a Music Festival - It was a big success and we are now going into our 6th year.

The Strathyre Music Festival was originally established by members of the Balvaig Music Group. In recent years a seperate Festival Committee was formed from local members of the Strathyre Community with support from some members of the Balvaig Music Group

BALVAIG Bothy Folk Music Sessions

Balvaig Bothy Folk Band can be found playing at Strathyre Inn throughout the year - usually on 1st Sunday of each month from 2:30pm - If travelling a distance, you may wish to check if the session is definitely on by calling Strathyre Inn on 01877 384224

Band Members: Kenny Higgins, Cliff Uney, Stevie Black, Tommy Anderson, Jane Booth, Mike Keeney, Greg Watson, Mikey Higgins, Michael Mears, Andy Bates

Balvaig Music Group is a gathering of local Musicians - orginally 3 members that come together for Music sessions in the Strathyre area. The group started in October 2011 and in full flight can contain up to 10 members - many are still regulars.

  • Kenny Higgins:     Accoustic Guitar and Vocals
  • Cliff Uney:     Ukulele / Banjo and Vocals
  • Tommy Anderson :     Guitar and Bodhran and Drums
  • Mikey Higgins :     Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
  • Stevie Black :     Accordion
  • Owen Uney :     Banjo Harmonica and Vocals
  • Mike Keeney :     Bohran, Banjo, Mandolin and Harmonica
  • Jane Booth :     Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Greg Watson :     Accoustic Guitar and Vocals
  • Andy Bates :     Mandolin, Banjo , Pipes and whistle
  • SarahDouglas :     Guitar and vocals

The nature of busy private life and family means we vary in number each week but there is always usually enough for a decent jam or Music Session to entertain the many Visitors that pop in for a listen in passing and many locals are also very supportive. Our style of Music at Balvaig Music sessions is closely related to that of a Bothy Band blending a mix of Traditional and modern Folk with some Blues.

Our Music Session Venue is mostly the Strathyre Inn in the mian Street of Strathyre. Start time is normally from 2:30pm running to 7pm, sometimes later if we have special guests attending or if sober enough to continue beyond this time. :-).

Balvaig has built many friendships in the Music Business and we regularly enjoy the good company of some very talented musicians who pop along and join in and enhance our music sessions:

Some Guests who have joined us for a few songs :

  • Jimmy Lee and the Edge of Chaos Orchestra
  • Adriana Spina
  • Strumelele
  • Kim Proven
  • Scottish Ferals: Margaret and Gavin
  • Sophie Milne
  • Katie Gardiner
  • Jennie McLure
  • Amie - from the Strathyre Inn
  • Sandy Macadam and Victor (Johnny Cash)
  • Brian Eley and David Jack
  • Jim and Jack Begg (Original Tanahill Weavers)
  • Dudach (Balquhidder)
  • Quirkie Jade (1st May 2016)
  • Findlay and Colin Clark
  • Drouthie Neebors -Steve, Alan and Chippy

Plus many other guests too many to mention

  • Original Members of Tanahill Weavers
  • Mikey Higgins
  • Craig Gartford - Southern Strings
  • Wullie and Jan Dalziel
  • David Graham
  • Dave Alan
  • John Boath
  • Kieran Macnicol
  • Seth Lumsden
  • Niamh Lee
  • Cameron Fraser
  • Jessie Steele
  • John Fisher
  • Shiltron
  • CRCR - Craig and Cameron from Calland